About us

Hello and welcome to RAEN, we're so glad you stopped by.

The items on RAEN showcase our favorite fashions and personal sense of style. Each item at RAEN has been hand selected by a small and dedicated group of women who feel that fashion is language. The first impression is made 10 feet from "Hello" and your sense of style tells people who you are without saying a word.

We have all felt the frustration when you can't find the look you want anywhere. Shopping is meant to be fun and at RAEN we have collected those hard to find items and ship them to your door. We wear our collections and we are constantly adding new looks, styles and trends to the RAEN site. We want you to feel excited to shop here. 

We believe in fantastic customer service and premium quality products. We really do wear  these styles and want to share them with you. If you like what we have please tell us. If you don't like our style let's talk. We believe that there is beauty in everything and what you wear is how you present yourself to the world. So please feel free to take a tour through RAEN and see how our fashion speaks to you. We are very confident you will find a look you've been searching for.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you again soon!